Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Aussem 40k News and Updates

Hey folks!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! Thought I'd take a minute to post a couple news updates on my channel.

My most recent stop motion (Gamma Squad Rescue) is still under construction. Unfortunately I've been having some computer troubles lately that have been severely slowing me down, and so it will still be some time until it's done. It takes quite a bit of work to make one of these look decent. In a perfect world, I'd have a team of people to help me make these!

I've got lots of fantastic ideas that I want to use for a stop motion series based on the original Possessed video I did. When I made the original, it was quite rushed and I didn't have a plan for the story. I made it up as I went! But now I know what I'm doing, and much adventure is coming!

I just need to get my computer fixed as well as other primary aspects of my life more stable first. Due to certain priorities, when things get more complicated in life it's the 40k hobby time that suffers first sadly. But I won't go on about that here!

In the meantime, unboxings, tactics, battle reports and similar videos are quite a bit easier for me to make while all this is going on. So I'll try to put out as much entertaining content as I can. I was thinking of doing some Let's play videos for showcasing mods for Dawn of War and such.

But I want my content to be entertaining. Let me know what you guys would really love to see!

Thanks for being so faithful. I think this hobby is great, and I refuse to give it up!

Happy War gaming!

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